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The-Bucket-List-LogoThis list is almost 10 years old and I haven’t really knocked a lot off of it. (I’ve recently had to make some adjustments due to family changes). Granted a lot of the things on here are expensive excursions but there are some that should have been accomplished a while ago. Check out my progress through the tag “My Bucket List” (duh). Time to get work.

  1. Learn to play Acoustic Guitar
  2. Be able to play “Come as You Are” by Nirvana
  3. Repair an appliance
  4. Fly a Cessna
  5. Fast for 3 Days having just water.
  6. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  7. Make the Perfect Omelet
  8. Do a flip off a diving board
  9. Toboggan – aggressively
  10. Learn to Ski
  11. Scuba Dive
  12. Swim with the dolphins
  13. Learn Italian
  14. Master Spanish
  15. Milk a cow and drink it
  16. Mentor Someone
  17. Throw a real party (minus strippers, cake and kegs)
  18. Start something that scares you
  19. Choose a word or phrase and vow never to use it again
  20. Visit Milan
  21. Master a Cooking Dish
  22. Go Kayaking
  23. Get good at a sport that isn’t really a sport (like darts, horseshoes, etc…)
  24. Listen to a veterans war stories
  25. 20160804_095322Write someone else’s biography without mentioning yourself
  26. Sing in public 
  27. Play chess until you beat someone you shouldn’t then quit and never play again
  28. Give up your seat to someone
  29. Attend a funeral of someone you didn’t know well
  30. Take a vow and keep it
  31. Eat a six course meal that you prepared
  32. Make a movie
  33. Give a panhandler all your money
  34. Make beer, wine, or moonshine
  35. Read Lolita
  36. Attend an All Star for each of the major sports
  37. Ride a horse
  38. Run a marathon
  39. Climb something you were afraid of
  40. Get a deep tissue massage
  41. Put a $100 on a long shot
  42. Max the speedometer
  43. Bungee Jump
  44. Visit a real blues bar in Chicago 
  45. Learn to Tango
  46. Learn to Surf
  47. Photograph an endangered species 
  48. Attend the Olympics
  49. Watch an orchestral performance in Vienna
  50. Skydive
  51. Ride an Elephant
  52. Visit the Pyramids in Giza
  53. Bake a 2-tiered cake
  54. Run a cookout
  55. Go fishing, catch, clean, and cook
  56. Read something by Voltaire
  57. Be able to recite MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech verbatim
  58. Find a Cause, give money & time for 1 year
  59. See Prince Live (He died before I could complete this — fail)
  60. See Outkast Live
  61. Visit the Louvre
  62. Go Parasailing
  63. Learn to water-ski
  64. Go to an Art Gallery Opening
  65. Get as close as possible to the “Hollywood” sign
  66. Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
  67. Visit NYC
  68. Ride a mechanical bull
  69. Build a PC
  70. Fly a kite
  71. Go Zorbing
  72. Visit and Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef
  73. Go Pike Place Market in Seattle
  74. Drive a Lamborghini
  75. Become a Wine Connoisseur
  76. Create a financial strategy and use it for a year
  77. Learn a new word everyday for a year
  78. Go white water rafting
  79. Make a Snow Angel
  80. Write my name in the snow
  81. Get my masters
  82. Take a walk in the rain
  83. Hot Air Balloon ride
  84. Watch the Sunset and Sunrise
  85. Stay awake for 24 hours
  86. Get another tattoo
  87. Have a picnic
  88. Eat Sushi
  89. Visit London
  90. Go to a Comic Con
  91. Visit Japan
  92. Learn Japanese
  93. Learn to Say I Love You In 7 different languages (not including Spanish, Italian or Japanese)
  94. Run a mile in under 8 minutes 
  95. See a movie premier at The Chinese Theater in California
  96. Kiss my first Child
  97. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  98. Write a Book and Get It Published
  99. Attend a Ball
  100. Attend a Florida State Football Game