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Hope springs anew as we enter another NFL Football season. Again this season the Colts have a weak defensive and a questionable offensive line.  The itch that is fantasy football begins to  dominate my thoughts.. Fantasy Football is an addiction that I’m finally ready to admit to. I’m addicted to it like I’m “addict for sneakers”. The highs and lows of fantasy football are only eclipsed by the same highs and lows by playing real sports. The last time I played flag football I chipped a bone in my ankle — my football playing days may be behind me.

Welcome to Fantasy Football 2016! This year I’m bringing my wife along for the ride.  Drafting a team when half the league is on auto pick breeds its own set of complications. Now that may not be a bad thing considering she had the 5th pick and I ended up with the 10th pick. I wasn’t pleased that half the league wasn’t present for the draft.

I’ve been a member of another league for 10 years and it’s always exciting.  It’s a league of friends that bonded through the love of hip hop. The shit talking at times can be epic and even contentious. I recall the impact of Tebow as fantasy player being like a 100 response thread. Even though I have won other leagues I have yet to win this league and truth be told — it bothers the shit out of me.

This year will be different.

I feel more confident about my roster than I have in a few years. I have a really good receiving core and some running backs that should hold up until the end of the season plus some trade bait just in case I need to sure up some parts of my roster.

That’s the fantasy football addiction I talk about openly — then there is the darkside to this addiction.

If the leagues I participate in are cocaine then this is the crack version. I’m talking about the crack that eliminates city blocks.


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After a rough Sunday of Fandueling I end most looking like this

“Got less steps than Britney, that means it ain’t stepped on dig me?” – Hov

Just like any drug they start you off slow.

“Enter this free game”

“We will give you $25 to play with to start”

I mean who can say no to free money right?

Then they hit you with the — “$1 game where you can win $10,000”.

Finally you start to look at the games that cost more and see the payouts and dreams of a debt free life and Jordan’s dance in your head. Well at least in mine it does…

Fanduel is the testosterone fueled lottery.

And I’m so here for that. I can win, I know I can. Wait — I bet that’s what people say who play the lottery.

Wait, this isn’t the lottery — there is strategy to this, right? It’s all about the right combination of players. The lottery is all luck.

Yeah, that’s it. Yup I like that. I will keep telling myself that.

Each touchdown scored I feverishly check my one of my two phones or iPad to make sure that the player who scored is on one of the 5 active games I’m playing.

I set myself a limit per weekend — $10. That’s plenty. But know in my hearts of hearts I end up spending closer to $15. I keep chasing that high.

Then I win a game. I won $10 and I only put in $1. That’s a 1000% return. Yes, more, more, more.

The final whistle blows on Monday night I realize that I have netted $3. The sadness sets in. But wait, there is a light — I remember I’m in a Monday and Thursday night game. I’m still alive.

The cycle continues.

The good news is — I know I’m not alone.

I’m at a break even point when I consider what I’ve invested versus what I have won. One of my friends told me I just need to jump the shark and go full on gambling. Nah, I can’t do that — that’s like heroin and I’m no junkie.

2 members of the shit-talking league is @DSpenceCantLose and @DanJohnny5  have an amazing wrestling podcast called Getting Networked. Get Familiar. 

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