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“I don’t care what people think because people don’t think” – Kanye West

I had a Kanye moment on Facebook on Sunday…and I feel great about it. The last 8 years of an President Obama administration has cost me some ‘friends’ on FB and may have fractured certain relationships with my in laws. Let me give you some context – my wife is white. Not just regular white, small town Pennsylvania white – the ‘Tucky of Pennsyltucky. But my wife escaped the small town because she knew there was a bigger world out there. She still has her small town values which is what endeared me to her. I also come from a small town which is demographically the opposite of where she was raised. We were drawn to each other by our sense for adventure and to leave the shackles that cause people to never leave home. We both escaped – we had eschew some of our  family’s cultural norms to adapt to this whole new world.

My political views are shaped by my reality and the emerging reality of my daughter where theirs is shaped by the 3.7 square miles of their home town. There isn’t anything wrong with that. What is wrong is ignoring the world at large because of outdated, irrational and at times untruths because it fits your narrative of the outside world.

Enter my Ye moment.

kanye2It was during the shit show we called a presidential debate on Sunday.

I stripped myself of fucks to give and just had to respond to a post.

In their minds abortion rules everything around them. I respect that. I am personally pro-choice but anyone who is pro life because of their belief structure I’m cool with. I don’t even want to go into theological discussion about the lies Christianity has told because they aren’t ready for that level of my wokeness. And how those same lies were used to enslave Africans…wait…I digress.

Back to lecture at hand…

My problem with the post is that the meme was factually incorrect.

…and that’s where the drama started.

wp-1476286748722.jpgShe never said that. She didn’t remotely say that. She quoted the law which is that unborn babies do not have constitutional rights. They have been so brainwashed by Trump and the republican party that they think that facts don’t matter. That’s where the trouble started. That pesky Bertram is quoting facts.

We pivoted from abortions to Benghazi. 2 of her aunts dared to engage.  I found article after article from reputable publications that detail it was not Hillary’s fault for Benghazi. It was a failure on multiple levels. Even Congress concluded after a political witch hunt that she was not at fault.

When that level attack went no where because you know…facts. She pivoted to the email saga. Again she was careless but she was exonerated by the FBI. You can’t feel that police are justified in shooting unarmed blacks because of the way the justice system is setup. On the other hand say that it was a rouse from the FBI to exonerate Hillary because the justice system is crooked. Make up your mind.

Then some stranger jumped in to help her Aunt out and she failed miserably and had to default to ‘faith’. Let me know again how God feels about adulterers again. If she wants to jump into the fray she can catch these “L’s” I’m handing out. She pretty much told me that she doesn’t care that he’s a racist, sexist, and a xenophobe – the only thing is important is that he is pro-life. I had to educate her that he only became pro-life during the campaign.

“Anyone can have a change of heart”

“But during the campaign, you don’t find that a little suspect?”

kanye3That’s the problem with small minded America. I used to think it was a small town thing. It’s not…77% of cell phone users have smartphones. If you want to know better you can. But you refuse to…you wallow in your ignorance and wear it like a badge of honor. You have the audacity to catch feelings when someone corrects you.

If you were really as Pro-Life as you say you would be anti-war and anti-discrimination of all types. But you aren’t. So let’s be real…maybe you’re pro-white life. It”s easy to feel a sense of nobility for someone with no thoughts and can’t speak for themselves. But when they are able to express their own ideas, how pro-life are you?

The painful part of this is that after 12 years they have no idea and could care less about the Black Experience in America. Even though there are members of the family that are black or biracial. The expectation is that I understand their small town values but they are under no requirement to even have empathy toward the Black Experience. The level of understanding is “there are some good police officers and they are some bad ones”.

That the same thing as saying “I have black friends”


They don’t like to be challenged, especially by me. I challenge everything they ever believed from racial stereotypes to how the world works. They are the epitome of Trump voters. The angry white working class who does not realize they benefit from an oppressive system for non-whites.

Yeah unfriend me, block me, I could care less. In fact – it’s freeing. But your ignorance constantly offends. I’ll continue serving you these L’s as long as I feel like it because if Trump can grab pussies I can continue to pummel your ignorance for enjoyment.



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